[Coco] Sdc copy, and multi pak upgrade question

K. Pruitt pruittk at roadrunner.com
Sat Dec 6 01:01:38 EST 2014

With the multipak plugged in to the Coco, you should see the bottom of the 
SDC card.
The components should be facing away from you.

I put mine in a FD-501 case and it works rather well.

> I have also been playing with my new CoCoSDC which seems to work but it
> REALLY needs a case if plugged directly into the CoCo3. I thought it might
> sit better vertically in the MPI but realised, before I turned it on, that
> the expansion connector is not keyed and it is possible to put in both
> ways. Can someone confirm the orientation of the card in the MPI for me
> please? (ie components facing the front or rear?)

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