[Coco] mess HD problem

Bob Devries devries.bob at gmail.com
Wed Aug 6 18:06:52 EDT 2014

Hi all,

well, changing the port address to $FF80 appears to have fixed the problem.

I don't know how I came by a module with the incorrect hpa. Could it be 
that a previous version of emudsk used that address?

Thanks for your input everyone.

Regards, Bob Devries
Dalby, QLD, Australia

On 6/08/2014 11:43 PM, Robert Gault wrote:
> Bob Devries wrote:
>> Hi Robert.
>> I am using messui v0154, dated 23 July 2014
>> My two vhd files are images of my two *real* coco3 drives. Size-wise, 
>> they are
>> identical; both are quantum LPS-120s.
>> Both drives are formatted entirely for NitrOS9.
>> I boot NitrOS9 from a floppy image which has emudsk, /DD, /H0 and /H1
>> I'm using the stock Coco3 rom images and disk 1.1 image.
>> If I go to another window (/W7), and type chd /h1 and then dir, and 
>> then go back
>> to the /term screen (which is logged to /DD) and type dir, I get the 
>> contents of
>> /H1 shown, and I cannot get back to the /DD or /H0 drive. chd /DD 
>> returns
>> without error, but doesn't change the directory.
>> It seems that either mess or emudsk is forgetting which drive it is 
>> logged to.
>> Regards, Bob Devries
>> Dalby, QLD, Australia
> I can't reproduce your problems. Using two .vhd drives where I can 
> easily tell which is which, changing drives/directories in /W7 has no 
> effect on /Term and all disk I/O is correct.
> Did you try the RGBDOS.ROM I sent? It is the same one for two .vhd 
> drives I currently use. I compile MESS and it is messui 0.154 Jul 25, 
> 2014. NitrOS-9 is Level 2 V3.3.0 6309, but I may not be a pure 
> distribution version.
> Check the descriptors for /DD, /H0, and /H1. There should be drv=0 for 
> /DD and /H0 and drv=1 for /H1. Ortherwise, the descriptors are the same.
> RG

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