[Coco] DroidWire, cocofest Edition

Mark Marlette mmarlette at frontiernet.net
Tue Apr 29 13:45:51 EDT 2014

Didn't figure so.

The CoCo's +5 is rock solid.

At 3.3v maybe but Aaron's was not at that level.

What does RED LED indicate?

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> I was looking at where to buy one and saw this review on amazon:
> "Range unknown as I place it and an Arduino in a metal vacuum chamber
> and control it from a tablet in the same room. Two way communication
> is great and super simple to code - just serial communication. Give it
> +5V power to get reliable communication. If you give it 3.3V, it will
> transmit ok but drop received bits randomly"
> Could be similar?

Ok, I have now tested it with a lab power supply set at 8 volts - there's  
no difference at all when using two HC-05's as a BT serial connection -  
one powered by the server's USB port and the other powered by a lab power  

I have also tried a different CoCo3 as well - same results.

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