[Coco] Popstar Pilot Blog Update - and a thank you

Nick Marentes nickma2 at optusnet.com.au
Sat Apr 26 17:52:13 EDT 2014

It's been a long time coming but my next update to my new game 
development is now up - Chapter 13.

I'd also like to acknowledge 2 people who helped me recently.

Darren Atkinson for his new CoCoSDC controller cartridge. I purchased 
one of these and I must say, it is brilliant!

It has replaced my HDB-DOS cartridge and I can now run my CoCo3 "tether 
free" running everything from this cartridge.

I can load up all my disk images onto the SD card and mount them 
whenever I need them. I have put my CoCo3 development files on it and 
run all my assembler files off it. I don't have a physical floppy disk 
drive attached anymore!

The beauty is that it still supports drivewire drives (Drive 3 & 4) so 
with this connected to my PC simultaneously, I can develop everything on 
the SD card and send backups of my files to the drivewire drives for 
safe keeping. Brilliant!

My only wish is that the commands be enhanced to allow the management 
and navigation of so many disk images a bit easier. Because it supports 
directories, sometimes the long path names make for a lot of errornous 
typing of commands.

Then again, maybe the problem is me and my getting "fumble fingers" at 
my age.   :)

The other person I'd like to thank is (again) Robert Gault.

I use his EDTASM 6309 program for development and it didn't initailly 
work correctly with the new CoCoSDC. I contacted Robert and within 24 
hours he had a fix and it, along with the CoCoSDC, hasn't missed a beat 

Great work from both of these fine gentlemen!


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