[Coco] CoCoFEST - Video Streaming Via Skype

Frank Swygert farna at amc-mag.com
Fri Apr 25 10:13:19 EDT 2014

Only the auction would really need to be live, and then only if they're 
taking call-in bids.  So why not just video the fest on a digital camera 
then upload to U-tube (or something similar) a day or two later... or 
that evening. A day or two won't make much difference to those who 
couldn't make it anyway. They will still get to see what went on and get 
the highlights of the event. It wouldn't hurt GSCCC to charge a bit for 
a CD of the event either, maybe what an event ticket would cost plus 
shipping, to cover costs and a little for the loss of revenue... though 
the "loss of revenue" is sort of ambiguous, it's not like Nick would 
have shown up from Australia if he didn't have the CD available. But 
still, I don't think anyone would mind supporting the fest in that way.

Frank Swygert
Editor - American Motors Cars Magazine

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