[Coco] [OFF] Hitachi MB-6890 information needed

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You are right Art, here is a link to the original English translation of the article by Hirotsugu Kakugawa, but it also states that even Hitachi admits that some hackers found the secret features of the chip.
>From this document, our current tables and charts of the 6309 were spawned.


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I think a more accurate history is that there was a Japanese magazine
article about the 6309's extra registers and other features, which got a
great deal more attention a couple of years after it was published when
someone translated it into English and it became available online.  The
article contained very great and accurate detail about the 6309, which to
my mind makes it implausible that it was simply the product of someone's
experimentation and detective work.  I strongly suspect that the
information was leaked by someone at Hitachi.  I'm sure the Hitachi brass
were terribly upset about that.  (Oh, no!  Now people will realize that the
6309 is more powerful than the 6809, and we'll probably sell way more of
them than we expected.  Dang it all!!)



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