[Coco] decode 1.2.9

Wayne Campbell asa.rand at gmail.com
Mon Apr 21 19:03:43 EDT 2014

I don't have it all done and ready just yet, but I have gotten the user
guide <http://cococoding.com/wayne/decode_user_guide.html> started,
uploaded the version history for
1.2.9<http://cococoding.com/wayne/decode129.txt>and am almost ready to
make the new disk images (there will be two disks
now). While incomplete, there is enough of the user guide there to give you
a better grasp of how decode works now. The understanding decode web pages
will be folded into the user guide, as I believe that the data it contains
will be useful for dealing with the output of decode.

I will be posting to this thread when I have the new images on the site,
and for updates to the user guide.


The Structure of I-Code


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