[Coco] [Color Computer] Vcc OS-9 keyboard mapping

Kip Koon computerdoc at sc.rr.com
Sat Apr 19 01:03:31 EDT 2014

Hi Guys!
I too have seen nonresponsive window actions or rather non-actions when I
was switching between some of the windows.  It just seemingly did nothing.
I would love to have that wmode command.  I need an easier way to look at
all the windows descriptors.  Silly me, I've tried to use xmode for that in
the past.  Oops!  After no success (of course) I switched to using ded and
all is well for now.  I could definitely use a copy of that wmode command
though.  I did not know it existed.  Thanks for mentioning it.  Take care my

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There was/is a 80 column term window. I have had my system set to use it
since my real coco3 back in 89-94. I wouldn't go back. Also, w5 is not the
same window as term.

 On Apr 18, 2014 11:50 PM, "Jerry Cantrill" <jwcantrill at earthlink.net>

> thanks Bill; Knowing that [END] was [BREAK], I tried [HOME] for 
> [CLEAR] but, i tried again after your confirmation using /w1, /w4 and 
> /w7. i was able to swap between them okay as advertised. so i looked a 
> little closer to exactly what happened when i use /w5 and i think that 
> /term and /w5 must be the same window on the pre-made dsk i am using. 
> i can live with that while i am still re-learning. i think that i 
> should have been suspicious with this 80 col black on green /term as 
> it did not seem the same as i remembered as being a 32 col black on green
from about 20+ years ago.
> (every body are always amazed that i have such a good memory - i just 
> have to keep telling them it is my retrieval system that has all the
> as for the vhd, i will keep you in mind but for now i want to play 
> with this some more before i advance too far. actually i would like to 
> start with a stock OS-9 dsk(s) or a Nitros9 that is more closer to the 
> orig OS-9 L2. i heard the earlier Nitros' were but i could only find 
> this newer version 3.3 where i was looking.
> again, thanks - jerry
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> >Try pressing the [HOME] key on your PC keyboard for [CLEAR]. Also, 
> >the
> [END] key is the [BREAK] key
> >
> >You will not be able to use the emulated hard drive due to NitrOS9 
> >needs
> the "EmuDsk" driver and descriptors. If you need them, send me a 
> private email and I can send you copies of them. Or I can make you a 
> complete, pre-configured boot VHD if wanted :-)
> >
> >There are other options as well... just send me an email and I can
> explain.
> >
> >
> >Bill Pierce
> >"Today is a good day... I woke up" - Ritchie Havens
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> >
> >
> >i have taken the plunge and installed Vcc v1.42 (don't need DW yet) 
> >on my
> laptop
> >and have booted up Nitros9 v3.3 and all is well. Set my time, dir'd 
> >my 80
> track
> >disk image (cant seem to get the .vhd recognized, but hat is for a 
> >later
> date),
> >mdir'd what's loaded and see the /w# drivers so started up a shell 
> >i=/w5&
> and it
> >looks like it did it except when i went to press the [CLEAR} key to 
> >swap
> to
> >it... where is the [CLEAR] key?
> >
> >i searched the net for but did not find anything to tell me what the 
> >Vcc
> Basic
> >or OS-9 keyboards maps to the "modern" laptop keys. Could someone 
> >point
> me in
> >the right direction?
> >
> >-thanks, jerry
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