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Mon Apr 14 10:22:41 EDT 2014

Hi Glen,

I read your blog about the restoration. If it should be necessary to replace the sockets then I would like to do that for you, for the hobbyist price of $0. The only hurdle I see is the distance between us, I'm from Indiana and you ?, so you have to take care to get it to me.

And I hope you understand that repairs as this on older boards are not always without danger. Specially when they are multilayer. So I’m confident in my skills to do the job but even then there is always a risk.

Just to let you know, I’m here.

greetz from Indiana


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Hello Everyone,
just a small update, as I have been "offline" for a while. I still am unemployed, looking for work. I had to get rid of my internet access at home and resort to the Cell for a while, Then got me an "unlimited" mobile stick for internet (pay as you go) (and boy its slow).
I have been resorting back to selling Amiga stuff as my main source of income and have been posting it all on Amibay.
Myself and another have "redone" my Amigalounge.com website. It's more of a "blog" type site (think Engadget or the Verge- with out all the fancy PHP crap)- it's done in HTML and can be viewed with most old computers like the Amiga. It's NOT just Amiga stuff, but links and articals to what we find that is cool and geeky on the internet.
My posts have my name on the bottom.
Right now, I am restoring (or building) an Amiga 3000 (or as I think of it-next months rent) from 2 scrap machines, and have a "daily" log of that progress posted there.

Not much on the CoCo end of things, I have not had any "new" Coco stuff in, just playing a bit on my CoCo2.
anyways, I just thought I would pop my head up and say "I am still alive and lurking here"

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