[Coco] ANNOUNCE: NitrOS-9 V3.3.0 released

Kip Koon computerdoc at sc.rr.com
Sun Apr 13 23:37:55 EDT 2014

Hi Tormod!
Thank you so much for all the blood, sweat and tears you have put into this
new version of NitrOS-9 getting everything together and to function
correctly in one cohesive unit!  I also really appreciate it.  You're the
NitrOS-9 Man!  Thanks again!

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Dear NitrOS-9 users and developers,

We have the great pleasure of announcing the availability of the
NitrOS-9 V3.3.0 release. NitrOS-9 is an open-source operating system
for 6809-based computers (Dragon and TRS-80/Tandy Color Computers in
particular), and is compatible with OS-9 from MicroWare.

With the last proper release V3.2.8 being almost 6 years ago, it is
more than time to get the numerous new features, bug fixes and other
cleanups into the hands of everyone. A version 3.2.9 was close to be
released in late 2009 but instead more feature additions, rework and
infrastructure changes ensued, and only development versions have been
circulating since. The new version has been bumped to 3.3.0 both to
avoid confusion with unofficial 3.2.9 builds and to reflect the amount
of work going into this release. The V3.3.0 release provides a solid,
common base for users, application developers and NitrOS-9 developers
to continue work on and develop for their favourite operating system.

Source code and prebuilt disk images can be downloaded from the
NitrOS-9 project at SourceForge:


Documentation can be found in the NitrOS-9 wiki at


For bug reports and feature requests please use the ticket tracker at


Most NitrOS-9 users and developers hang out at the CoCo mailing list:


>From the V3.3.0 ChangeLog (covering the last year's changes):

- CoHR: Now supports COVDG control codes (Ken H.)
- New MinTED - Minimalist Text Editor (Luis Antoniosi)
- rb1773: Make 48 TPI floppy disks readonly in 96 TPI drives
  (Robert Gault and Gene Heskett)
- rbdesc/superdesc: Raise default SAS from $8 to $10 (Gene)
- Gene's myram RAM disk driver renamed to MRAM and included
  on L2 disk images
- Dragon: Working disk images again (Tormod Volden)
- Fixed ROM boot images (Tormod)
- Added CoCo SDC driver (Boisy Pitre)
- Added CoCo Deluxe port (Boisy)

- King's Quest 4: Many updates (Guillaume Major)
- New utils disk with Gene's bootlink and vfy utilities
- Pacos9: Brough back to life (Tormod)

- Major cleanup of Makefiles and build infrastructure (Tormod)
- Everything now builds with lwtools (Tormod)
- Most (all?) things in shape again after lwtools transition
  (Tormod, David Ladd, Bob Devries)

Additionally, since the V3.2.8 release massive work has been done over
the years, especially by Boisy Pitre, David Ladd, William Astle,
Robert Gault, Aaron Wolfe on new features such as DriveWire support,
SuperDriver, hardware ports and misc driver fixes.

On the behalf of all NitrOS-9 developers,

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