[Coco] Sugestions for new NitrOS-9 versions

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Wed Apr 2 19:38:47 EDT 2014

On 4/2/2014 11:17 AM, Aaron Wolfe wrote:
> On Apr 2, 2014 11:50 AM, "Luis Antoniosi (CoCoDemus)" <
> retrocanada76 at gmail.com> wrote:
>> What would you change on NitrOS-9 for the next versions ?
> Multiple execution directories would be handy.
> File name globbing would be very nice.  I think the standard utils (copy,
> dir, etc) use the os9 syscall to resolve a path that returns a single
> result, so not sure how practical it could be.  Maybe a new syscall that
> takes an additional argument which is the address of a routine to be
> executed once per result, or something similar.  Changing utils to use that
> kind of thing would be somewhat easy.
> RBF caching of sector 0 (read caching/write through) would give a decent
> performance improvement.  I did some experiments a while back.. IIRC you
> can cache the stuff that gets constantly read using about 64 bytes so it
> doesn't even need a whole sector worth of ram.  OTOH there may be a better
> solution to all those reads, caching individual disk parameters or whatever
> RBF is actually reading all the time.  Maybe its just concerned that the
> disk has changed?  Never got that far.
> I'm assuming there will be support for the new 64 bit 63009 CPU.
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Is this just a "wishing post" or is this truly a call for features that 
someone can implement?

I know this is a CoCo list, but there was a long ago effort to port OS/9 
to the Commodore SuperPET, and I would love to see this codebase run on 
that environment. It's not a feature per se, but would be a neat target.


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