[Coco] CoCo 3 list of 64 colors with names

Wayne Campbell asa.rand at gmail.com
Wed Apr 2 16:34:53 EDT 2014

As I was looking through pdf's for color information yesterday, I ran
across an article that contained a list of the 64 colors of the CoCo 3, and
it contained 3 or 4 columns of data. The right-most 2 columns were color
names for the composite and RGB colors as they appear on the monitor.

I wanted to copy that article, but now I can't find the pdf it was in. Is
anyone familiar with the list I am speaking of? I am going to continue to
search, and when I find it (if noone on the list knows) I'll post with the
info of what document, what pages, etc.


The Structure of I-Code


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