[Coco] Announcing CoCoCloud (aka DriveWire 5)

Aaron Wolfe aawolfe at gmail.com
Tue Apr 1 10:33:18 EDT 2014

Greetings CoCoNuts,

I am very excited to let everyone know about the latest in DriveWire
developments:  the CoCoCloud.  This project was originally intended to
be DriveWire 5, but I have changed the name to reflect the new cloud
based design.

This all new DriveWire extends the capabilities of DW4 into the next
century and beyond.  For starters, all disk images and all serial
processing are done in the cloud.  No more worrying about local
storage or organization of your OS9 or DECB disks.  A convenient
wizard based CoCoCloud Client (CCCC) will upload all relevant files
and information to our cloud based system, where you can access them
from anywhere with internet connectivity.  The CCCC also automatically
detects local CoCos and preconfigures your account* for maximum

Because all serial connections are now handled off site, you will need
a small adapter that plugs into your CoCo or FPGA board and converts
the local data exchange for online compatibility.  They come in both
male and female versions and in a variety of exciting colors.  In the
coming months we will introduce the CloudCoCo, which removes the need
for a local Color Computer altogether.

*CoCoCloud accounts can be authenticated via your choice of Facebook
or Google accounts.  They link automatically when you first log in.


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