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Steve Ostrom smostrom7 at comcast.net
Fri May 31 14:55:03 EDT 2013

Bill, I'm sorry you ran into a bad apple.  I have run into only two crooks 
in all the eBay buying I have done (over 1200 transactions).  Most sellers 
are very ligit, and will bend over backwards to help solve an issue.  Many 
even return postage if they estimated too high.  Saying this, you do need to 
be careful.  It helps if the seller has posted pictures of the unit "in 
operation" and will guarantee no DOA.  Only buy from sellers with high 
transaction counts and very low instances of a "bad" rating.  I know a lot 
of people on this Coco list hate eBay and hate PayPal, but I have used both 
very successfully for many years, and will continue to do so.

--- Steve ---

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From: Bill Gordon
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I'm finding out that eBay is full of crooks and swindlers. I've bought 2
Cocos so far, and BOTH of them are junk. And sold "AS IS-no refunds".

Well, at least now I have a 26-3127 and a 26-3127B for parts. The 26-3127
chips are socketed, but I don't know about the 26-3127B. The seller has not
agreed to a refund, so I can't open it.  The 26-3127 is COMPLETELY dead-the
power supply has been disconnected, the attachment where the keyboard goes
into the motherboard is gone, the shield around the RF modulator is
shredded, and it looks like it's been shorted out. So like I said, I got
parts anyway (if ANY of them are still good).

But it still doesn't look like I'll be able to join in the discussion about
Cocos after all. I've already spend all I can (and not get killed by my
wife-I hope, anyway.)

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