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Hi Aaron.

My second wife comes from the Philippines, and a more loving, resourceful 
and diligent woman you'd be hard pressed to find locally. I'm Australian, 
and here too, the local women aren't woth a cracker IMHO. The women from the 
Philippines have a totally different mind-set.

my $0.02

Regards, Bob Devries
Dalby, QLD, Australia

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> With the "Bruta/Brute" line in this thread, I couldn't help but think  of 
> my very favorite quote, which happens to be in Latin:
> "Laser...inter eximia naturae dona numeratum plurimis compositionibus 
> inseritur."
>    - Plinius, Naturalis Historia XXII 49  (First Century, A.D.)
> "The Laser is one of nature's most miraculous inventions and lends  itself 
> to a variety of applications."
> The quote and translation appear on the frontice pages of O. Svelto's 
> "Principles of Lasers."  The "laser" Pliny the Elder is talking about 
> happens to be a plant with medicinal properties that went extinct 
> somewhere around the second century A.D.
> Regarding "Bruta," I've been looking for a wife (and someone to be a 
> mother to my kid) for years since mine passed away.  I think "Bruta"  is a 
> very accurate and descriptive term for some of the people I've  met over 
> the years...
>          - Aaron
> On May 11, 2013, at 7:44 AM, Bill Gunshannon wrote:
>>> On Friday, May 10, 2013 10:20:03 AM Bill Gunshannon wrote:
>>>>> On 10/05/2013 2:53 AM, Bill Gunshannon wrote:
>>>>>> I was a good year ahead of him but I am so bored I am thinking of
>>>>>> going back.  Don't need the money so I guess I could use most of
>>>>>> it to buy toys for my COCO's.  :-)
>>>>> No disrespect intended, but I really can't fathom this type of
>>>>> thinking!?!
>>>> Are you married?  :-)  Sometimes how we spend our time is not
>>>> totally up to one's self.
>>>>> I've got so much I want to do, I'd retire tomorrow in a heart- beat if
>>>> it
>>>>> was
>>>>> financially viable... unfortunately I've got another 15-odd years  if 
>>>>> I
>>>>> follow the norm.
>>>> My retirement plans involved lots of things to do with my wife.
>>>> They also involve living someplace warmer than where I live now.
>>>> Unfortunately, she is younger than I am and neither eligible or
>>>> interested in retiring.  Kind of makes moving south problematic.
>>>> I know it is heresy, but one can only play with computers for so
>>>> many hours a day.  :-)
>>>> bill
>>> 8-))) Et tu Bruta???
>> Not me pal....  The "a" ending in latin is feminine.  It should have
>> been an "e" and because we all know his name was actually "Brutus",
>> here's why...
>>     "The name "Brutus", a second declension masculine noun, appears
>>      in the phrase in the vocative case, and so the -us ending of
>>      the nominative case is replaced by -e".
>> Latin was always so much fun!!
>> That's our latin lesson for the day and you now have more information
>> than you ever wanted.
>> bill
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