[Coco] OS9 vs RSDOS disks

billg999 at cs.uofs.edu billg999 at cs.uofs.edu
Thu Jun 13 22:16:10 EDT 2013

>  Depending on you coco version, just type "dos". If it's an OS9 disk it
> will
> boot. otherwise, it won't or the disk is corrupted.

Not all OS9 disks need to be bootable.  I got software distributions
(like the C compiler) on OS9 formated disks with no OS on them.

>  Another way is to "DIR" the thing an see what you get. After that, type
> "dos".

See above.  :-)

>  Anyway, the only way you can hurt you computer is by striking it sharply
> with a sledge hammer.

People believed that at one time, but it is not necessarily true.
I think the 6809 has an HCF instruction.  I agree that there should
be a way to look at the data on a disk and tell what kind of disk
it is.  But then, just telling the difference between OS9 and DECB
is only useful if you know for a fact that you have no other format
flopies laying around.


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