[Coco] [CoCo] Last day of Glen's Online store

Glen VanDenBiggelaar glenvdb at hotmail.com
Tue Dec 31 08:15:15 EST 2013

Happy early new year everyone! I just wanted to drop a quick note that my websites go dark and up for sale at approx. Midnight (MDT) tonight! so it's you final chance to grab stuff. A few new items came in this week, like an Atari 130XE with floppy drive, and a souped up A500, but no more coco stuff sadly.
The Atari XE is an excellent candidate for Cloud 9's 
					Liber809!!! (shameless Plug)
I also wanted to mention, that if you had ordered anything during the Christmas Chaos, I am dropping thae last of that stuff off at the the post office today (if I don't get called into work) so you should see a tracking number tonight or Thursday tops.I do apologize for the long delay.
I have posted You-Tube Videos on the Amiga machines (The super A500 and the A1200) so you can see them in action, and the internals. (glenvdb is the channel name)

thanks all that have supported the store, helps pay the rent when you are unemployed- it's not like I really want to get rid of my toys-lol.
Happy new year

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