[Coco] SuperIDE backup/restore

Mark Marlette mmarlette at frontiernet.net
Mon Aug 12 06:53:18 EDT 2013

I don't recall the mode ATM. 2904 long time ago.
I did have Ed runn a test and he expanded on it. 
He did this for all drives incrementing up down sideways, etc. No problems detected.  
The problem in Ed's case is when he uses an external program on CF to image or transfer.

My results was that sidewalk was not creating a clone. Aaron gave an explanation but as I recall it acted just like Ed had noted and I observed.  Ed then tried Winhex, which jis what I use and is still having issues.

I had Ed's CFs once before, imaged them did hist test that he just described and had no issues here in the lab.
He has sent in his color code CFs and his sIDE and I am going to test again when I get some free time towards this next weekend. 

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