[Coco] OS-9 History

Bill Gunshannon billg999 at cs.uofs.edu
Tue Apr 30 12:00:46 EDT 2013

>> I thought I read that one of the early space shuttle missions was
>> running
>> OS9 ????
> An OS-9/68K system definitely flew as an experiment on a Shuttle mission.
> I had one of the guys who worked on it in a training class once, and we
> used a NASA logo on one of our presentations as an example of places OS-9
> had been used. But the Shuttle itself did not, as far as I know.
> Famous OS-9 uses:
> Star Trek the Experience in Las Vegas has some OS-9000.
> The Treasure Island pirate ship thing in Las Vegas used some OS-9 Gespac
> thing at some point.
> Caltrans (California Transportation) probably still has 68000 based OS-9
> machines in old 2070 traffic controller boxes.
> Motorola Pagewriter, one of the first two-way text pagers, was 68000 OS-9.
> Uniden Axis was an e-mail telephone that ran OS-9 (consumer product).
> Of course, Phillips CD-i players.

I have been trying to remember the name of this.  Thanks for the
reminder. Were they all OS9-68K?  Are they worth grabbing one to
hack on?  I remember wanting one when they first came out but couldn't
afford it.  I also remember reading that if you opened it up there
was a place to plug in a keybord inside the box and that not exposing
it to the outside was a deliberate design plan.  I wonder if the
souirces are available anywhere?


> I used to have a list of these things to mention, but I have forgotten
> most of that.
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