[Coco] Multi-Processor 6809 Computer System

Kip Koon computerdoc at sc.rr.com
Sun Apr 28 18:21:04 EDT 2013

Hi Guys!

For those that are interested,  please send me an email asking for this
paper that I mentioned about a Multi-processor 6809 computer system during
the CoCoFEST Saturday.

This paper details a design for a computer system with multiple 6809s
running simultaneously in one computer system.  This could apply to 6309s as

I'd like to start a design team to create a true multiprocessor,
multitasking, multiuser NitrOS-9 computer system of some sort.  Maybe we can
use the Coco 3 as a base starting point for the design and continue from

The file is 14MBs, so I cannot attach it in a general email to the coco
list, but I will be happy to send anyone a copy who responds to the email
with an individual request so I have your email address to send it to you

If you're not interested in this subject, please just quietly delete this
message and not flame the list.  

Thank you.  



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