[Coco] 256 color mode and the 210 Lines Per Field "bug"

jmlaw at iprimus.com.au jmlaw at iprimus.com.au
Sat Apr 13 05:17:55 EDT 2013

Hey Nick,

You might want to talk to Briza and RG about this, Briza (with RG’s coding) was able to stabilize the 210 to cause a page flip by setting values in the FExx area. One page would overscan the border. I was helping him to see if he had anything and found this by changing vertical offsets and loading image data. It also generated an interlace effect. The interlace effect does not require this mode, it can be done with any page flip. According to Briza it’s all his idea and I wouldn’t have worked it out without looking at his source code. Total BS. As you know, page flips are simple and you can see I know how to set one up in the dragon slayer animated semi-graphics screen, as could Briza. Also did a 2-pixel scroll with the artifacts that required a page flip, was smooth as, don’t think you saw that but Briza did. I’ve also worked out 1-pixel horizontal scrolling for RGB and also the artifacts now and have written a sprite level designer to make the backgrounds and generate the RLE compression data for this. 

Anyway, if you’re interested Briza could probably use your help. I released some info on the interlace effect to detract Linville from the source code as he was inadvertently pressuring use to share it with him. There was a reason John. I was trying to protect that part of Briza’s project to help him develop it further, so someone with more knowledge wouldn’t come along and beat him to it. Yet I shared what I found early, totally not reliant on Briza’s techniquem nor his ideam and paid the price, being accused of not sharing and being compared to how freely yourself and Socks share info, yeah after you’ve had you go at it, as am I. So yeah he could probably use your help, and the only bit of the source code that got my interest was the FExx stuff which absolutely relates to  Mr Xs comments. Briza can say what he want’s it’s clear as day on facebook if you want to go back over it all and take up where I left off. You won’t be stepping on my toes in the least.

To anyone else reading this, ignore the narkiness it’s still a sore point but that’s my stuff, I tell Nick so he knows the story and where it’s at. Ah and Nick, be prepared to do all the work and keep telling Briza, “Nah it doesn’t work like that” 
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