[Coco] DRAGON TANO Arrived

Luis Fernández luis46coco at hotmail.com
Wed Sep 26 15:57:27 EDT 2012

Since I got my new dragon TANO, immaculate as new, I'm very happy
Although my heart is in the coconut, we must recognize that it has good things

There are only few, aprobechen, and will have the best of both worlds, only $ 45, lol

Despite what I knew, I was struck by several things.

The power adapter is external, black box, medium size, not like the commodore 64 (big), 
but curiously has a switch off / on very convenient, not warms if off, another curiosity, plug in the dragon ATARI joystick is, 9 pin, 
the kind of DIN Joistick are round like the coconut, I found something weak, 5 amps.

Because 64k, has 2 modes fiuncionamiento 32k, black cursor, 64 k blue cursor is passed with exec or exec 48000, in this mode has key repeat (Good)

Has Reset, strange Parallel, Serial, monitor output, output I / O?, Perfect keyboard, 4 arrows, 
cassette cable, video cable and antenna box, perfect Manual. with initial aid brochure and errata.

Monitor output with 3-pin DIN type GRN assets, Video and Audio, (this is the same as 2 RCA Audio and video?) Think that if
The output I / O intrigues me can have an A / D or D / A good resolution (just guess)
Cassette with 5 basic profits with printed manual, 70 pages
CCWRITER, Word Processor
CCMAILER, Mail list
CCMERGER, mix files?
CCFile, Database
CCCALC: Spreadsheets

Games Without Manual

DRAINTRO: Dragon Intro (Text Adventure)
DRAGON (Adventures in text)
COURIER, game graphics plane in text, very well done, flies off lands
TOWER (Adventures in text)
GOLDDIS (Adventures in text)

Very glad I got

I will tell more

CoCoDskUtilPack V 1.1.3A.zip, Scan magazines and organize maltedmedia
http://cococoding.com/cocodskutil/ Thank Aaron Wolfe
http://www.tandycoco.com Thank Brian Blake and Stephen Fischer
My personal blog: http://www.luis45ccs.blogspot.com, 
Excuse my English, I use google translator, my language is Spanish, I'm Spanish but I live in Venezuela

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