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Robert Hermanek rhermanek at centurytel.net
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Great to hear everyone's opinions... yes I think rogue changed every time 
someone ported it, hence the term "roguelike" that is applied to most 
everything, even the Diablo franchise (of which I loved the original!).  In 
the end I don't need the graphics though, just my "@" symbol and eight 
directions to move it in :)

Searching archives, I only see references to an OS9 version of Rogue, and I 
don't have any os9 system running right now.  Was a DECB version ever made? 
I've talked about it enough that I'll probably start my own project anyway, 
and it'll only get 50% done and no one will ever see it, but it'll be fun.


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> Good answers! Definitely makes sense now. :-)
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