[Coco] DynaStar colors

Robert Gault robert.gault at att.net
Sun Sep 23 10:48:59 EDT 2012

Gene Heskett wrote:
> On Sunday 23 September 2012 08:41:17 Bill Pierce did opine:
>> Does anyone know how or if you can change the colors in DynaStar?
>> Thanks,
>> Bill P
> Dynastar I believe uses a termset file, located in the same directory as
> the fonts, /sys IIRC.  As for editing it, my memory fails me as it has been
> 20 years. I'll be within 6 feet of the manual later today & I'll try to
> look it up.

> Cheers, Gene

Gene, your memory is just fine! Only problem is that termset does not seem to 
affect Dynastar colors.

Termset is in the SYS directory. It is used to set the codes that control text 
on any of several screens. However, when I start a graphics screen and assign 
unusual screen colors for the background and foreground, Dynastar uses whatever 
colors happen to be on the screen.

So Bill, the answer is to use DWSET or BCOLOR/FCOLOR to adjust your screen to 
whatever colors you wish. Dynastar should be happy with whatever colors you choose.
You could also try changing the contents of the palettes currently in use on 
your screen as an alternative to the above, PALETTE.

These commands can be run with    display 1b code  code  code
where, for example, PALETTE is 31.
display 1b 31 palreg color

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