[Coco] A cartridge to hack

Aaron Wolfe aawolfe at gmail.com
Thu Sep 20 20:05:38 EDT 2012

On Thu, Sep 20, 2012 at 1:16 PM, William Astle <lost at l-w.ca> wrote:
> On 12-09-20 11:03 AM, Bill Pierce wrote:
>> I'm not really familiar with SuperIDE as I don't have one, but unless you
>> plan on typing each rom by hand then flashing, test, crash, then repeat,
>> yes, you would :-)
>> Or will Drivewire work? I know there's issues with Drivewire & SuperIDE
>> and copying from one to the other.
> If you're just using the superide as a ROM scheme, you can flash one of the
> ROMs with the drivewire ROM and operate using drivewire for storage. That
> works just fine. Nothing says you have to use the IDE interface just because
> you are flashing one of the ROM slots. Of course, that requires getting the
> drivewire ROM into it in the first place. I'm sure if you asked nicely, Mark
> would be able to do that for you when you order it but it can also be done
> using other tools, even without a floppy drive.

Yep, as long as you have a drivewire rom in one of your slots, you can
flash anything else into the other slots using dw.
If you don't need dw in HDBDOS, you can also use Brett's cocoboot rom
in it's place (or you can have both DW and cocoboot in rom slots as
another option).  cocoboot can flash the superide rom slots directly
via drivewire, no need to use a utility in DECB.  It can also boot os9
directly off drivewire and do lots of other neat tricks.  It's quite a
handy rom to have around :)


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