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Well I'm a nostalgic person i guess...  for me my whole CoCo experience these days is reliving the memory of it all.  When i want to look to more connections and gadgets i don't really consider the CoCo, I think of things like this new android pad in my hands.  But I'm glad to see people still exploring hardware extensions of the CoCo, even when it involves interfacing modern technology we didn't have back then....its just not what I'm personally looking for from the experience.  When i sit down and power up that console for a moment in time I'm transported 25 years in the past...its a humbling feeling with fond memories.  Afterwards, its time to return to this century.

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On Sat, Sep 15, 2012 at 9:18 AM, Chad H <chadbh74 at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Yea, i would feel a little funny myself  dedicating a full PC just as a printer server, just as i did when i began trying out DriveWire in general.  CoCo felt like some sort of terminal, not very CoCo`ish. I know these things have their place, but when it comes to my CoCo im still kind of a purist.  I want to experience it the same way i remember it in the 80's, so i still use my trusty FD-502 drive as well as my CCR-81 cassette player, heck i even still do most of my CoCo stuff using DECB programs. I know a lot of people knock on DECB, floppies and such, but looks like they will keep on kicking after im gone.  Printers seem to have a slightly less life expectancy in my experience, but one can still acquire great ones with ink/toner cheaply enough that will run right off the old serial-parrallel interface, so guess ill be sticking with that.

I really don't see it.  In the 80's people connected new things to
their CoCos all the time, no reason to stop connecting new things
today.  There were many Rainbow articles about how to add new
capabilities and how to interface with new types of hardware, etc.
Continuing the tradition of finding new ways to use the CoCo and new
ways to interface it with the outside world is the most pure
continuation of the CoCo spirit, IMHO.   To pick an arbitrary point in
time or an arbitrary level of technology that is allowed to
communicate with the coco seems decidedly contrary to what the CoCo
was always about to me.

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