[Coco] Coco and Modern Printers

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Fri Sep 14 22:03:32 EDT 2012

Adding a cartridge with a USB port is not that difficult to do. The problem of interfacing to 
various printers is a driver would need to be written. HP has their own PCL language. As 
subset of that could be implemented in a driver. Then there is Cannon, Epson, Kodak and 
how many others. 

Text and black and white maybe the easiest to implement. There was once some talk of 
using a USB host chip from Cypress. That was centered more around using a USB host for 
keyboard and mouse and not so much for a printer. 


On 14 Sep 2012 at 11:52, John Orwen wrote:

> Has anyone ever manufactured or has anyone ever contemplated making and 
> selling a multipak cartride with an internal rom and an external usb 
> port on it to interface to modern printers.  One that would contain the 
> generic driver code to connect to any usb printer. That would convert 
> the commands Print#-2 and LLIST for correct generic usb font and line 
> only graphics from any coco and to any usb printer.  I would think that 
> everyone with a modern computer connected to a usb printer would want 
> something like this for their still active coco.  Maybe I am the only 
> one in the Universe.  Any comments would be accepted.
> John
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> John Orwen
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