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To see 80 columns in a composite monitor, type it blindly:

xmode /term fgc=2 bgc=0 bdc=0
clobber /dd

reboot. Now the screen should be black & white only and more visible
in a composite monitor. If your monitor/TV has the S-video input, once
you're in black and white screen you can plug the composite signal
into the s-video luma input. It will be a sharp black and white
screen. But it doesn't work good with the green screen though.

Here is one pic I made using composite on luma:


But again, only works once you're in black and white screen. For
PMODE4 works nice too.

On Fri, Sep 7, 2012 at 9:23 AM, Bill Pierce <ooogalapasooo at aol.com> wrote:
> Thanks Frank, He already has the composite monitor conected but can't see 80column in OS9. He wants to try the RGB. Still don't know which one he has
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> The Commodore 1080 and 1084 are both made by Magnavox, but I forget the Maggie
> model number. The 1080 needs the sync circuit modified as described in a
> previous post, the 1084 will automatically adjust sync and work as is. I agree
> with Bill -- the 1084 is one of the most versatile classic RGB monitors, will
> work with a PC also IIRC. About the only one more versatile would be a Sony
> Multi-Sync, but they cost a lot more back then! The later Multi-Syncs wouldn't
> sync down to the level that the CoCo used though (standard CGA, but analog
> instead of digital). Yes, you can connect a standard CGA monitor (if you can
> find one!), but you won't get the range of colors with the digital RGB (CGA)
> monitor. Still, it's good for text based applications.
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> Date: Thu, 6 Sep 2012 20:39:38 -0400
> From: Bill Loguidice<bill at armchairarcade.com>
> Cloud-9 carries the cables. I got the one that works with the Commodore
> 1084 series monitors. It worked perfectly on the CM-5 (RGB) as well. To
> work on the RGB connection of the 1084, I needed to add a male to male DB9
> plug because the terminating end of the cable was female, which worked
> directly with the CM-5's built-in cable, which has a male end (the 1084S
> has a female port). It worked fine after that. Keep in mind, there are
> several different models of the 1084 (I have three different ones myself).
> Some have a round RGB connector, some have a square connector like the
> CM-5. Two of my three 1084 monitors have the square connector. Anyway, I
> have my CoCo 3 connected to the 1084S both over RGB and composite. The
> former for when I want RGB colors and the latter when I want the color
> blending (bleeding) that composite offers (similar to RF, but less
> interference). I just press the button on the back of the 1084S to switch
> between the two modes at any time. The 1084S really is one of the best
> classic style monitors because it's so versatile...
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