[Coco] MCUs:looking at new dual Prop board.

iggybeans at comcast.net iggybeans at comcast.net
Sat Sep 1 19:26:34 EDT 2012

I know this is pretty off topic, but I've just contacted the designer of this: 


It's now at rev. 2.0 and has an expanded memory board for CPU 2 (used for video). 
A future board is planned to increase CPU1 memory. 

This is what I'm thinking of interfacing with a 63C09E. 

And a Prop developer has create a 1 cog SID emulator. 
OS-9/NitrosOS-9 with enhanced sound and video anyone? 

I also ordered one of these MCU boards (TI ARM based) for $4.99 (with free shipping). 


I believe MCUs could be programmed to provide many of the capabilities that others are getting out of FPGAs. 
Moving forward on this idea. 


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