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On Friday 29 June 2012 14:33:33 Bill Pierce did opine:

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> >Yes, a previous test session 2-3 months ago worked well, but since none
> >of my stuff was moused in in GM format, the instruments were pretty
> >well mix- mastered.
> Gene, Sound Chaser has grown tremendously, By using the DW midi, you can
> filter anything you want, such as re-route program changes, block sysex
> messages ect.
> >UltimuseIII on the coco3 can actually use more than one output device
> >already, I had assigned (AIR) several of the instruments to the
> >bitbanger, and several to the converted to midi speeds rs232 pack, so
> >at the time I had a cable from the bitbanger plugged into an MT-240,
> >and a cable from the 232 pack plugged into a CZ-101, which gave me 4
> >voices on the mt-240 and 8 voices on the CZ-101.  I could make quite a
> >racket that was almost music, the _almost_ because neither of those
> >keyboards did velocity, from their own keyboards or over midi. 
> >Musically that is a huge shortcoming.  But I didn't have the sheckles
> >at the time for a sound canvas let alone a decent Roland keyboard of
> >the day.
> I decided not to allow the "dual drivers" on the basis that DW uses the
> bitbanger. If you send Midi straight down the bitbanger while DW is
> active, there's no telling what DW would do as Midi is just numerical
> data and DW would see it as commands and could re-write your VHD. But..
> given a way to check for the presence of DW and knowing it's not there,
> I could activate the serial along with any other driver you choose. I
> too used to dual drive with Umuse. I had a Kawai MS-710 with 8 voices
> on the serial and a Yamaha PRS-500 (32 voice multi-timbral) on the
> hardware. Then a friend brought his 2 keys over and we just jumped them
> off the "Midi Thrus" and had a whopping good time. Of course Umuse was
> still only capable of 16 parts at once but it made for some variety in
> sounds as well as "layers" when we wanted it. Midi will "cascade" using
> the "Midi Thru" to as many units as the signal will last through. Maybe
> a slight "delay" as you get further down the line.
> >I don't recall that UltiMuseIII even had that capability, does it?
> If you are referring to velocity, yes. Ultimuse has several ways to set
> velocity. There is a master level that controls overall volume, a per
> part event to set one of 8 vel lvs on a part at any time on a score. an
> accent (user defined) that would "boost" the current note by x amount,
> and a cresendo/diminuendo that will raise or lower velocity over xx
> beats by xx amount. So velocity control is pretty much covered. I do
> know that Mike only added some of these items in later versions. But
> some have been there since the first commercial release.
> >With modern polyphonic midi devices (and our sound cards too) capable
> >of 16 instruments each, it seems that a voice translator to reassign
> >my non-std, non-GM music instruments in the GM map would allow us to
> >more accurately play the music I moused in with such delight when it
> >all actually worked right here in this room nearly 20 years ago, would
> >be a nice facility to have.  Hint...
> Using the Drivewire drvr, this is already a reality. You can use filters
> on the PC end to set anything you want (basically). In Ultimuse itself,
> there are "quick fixes" that Mike implemented in the later versions
> that allowed you to "change synths" without re-writing everything. The
> instrument tables have a save/load function that allow you to create
> tables for each synth and as long as you assign your instument names to
> the same slots, just loading a new .ins file changes synths. The
> percussion table does the same with predefined drum slots. In the last
> 1 or 2 versions Mike had expanded the instrument table to 64
> instruments just to help with this.
>   On the other hand, Sound Chaser is just a player... not an editor. I
> may create some way to load the ".ins" & ".perc" files for this purpose
> later, but right now I'm really trying to concentrate on getting all
> the various players working. I can then start customizing all the
> params of each player to make them as user compatable as possible.
> Also, when I get done with Sound Chaser, I will be working on a new
> version of Ultimuse and a Midi Map is one of the first items on the
> list of updates.
Sounds great Bill, thanks.

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