[Coco] OS9 display server added to DW4

Aaron Wolfe aawolfe at gmail.com
Wed Jun 27 02:15:33 EDT 2012

Yet another video demonstrating yet another new feature..


This time I've used the /N virtual channels as OS9 window devices.
The L2 windowing calls are
sent over the channel and interpreted by the display server which
draws the event on your client PC.
They work pretty nicely, and this isn't really tied to DW other than
the use of the /N devices as
transport for the data.   The client could be packaged separately and
talk directly to a serial port with
out the DW protocol, or even better over direct tcp/ip if we ever have
that option.

Anyway, full screen text programs work perfectly, and some graphical
applications work fine.
Others don't yet, but I think with a bit more experimentation I can
get nearly any of them running
remotely, including MultiView and other mouse driven programs.

If you work remotely on an OS9 system via telnet or a serial line, you
might find this really handy
since terminal emulation just isn't possible with lots of OS9
programs.  Hope to have a download
available this weekend (it will not be perfect).


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