[Coco] [Color Computer] copying files on VCC

shadow at shadowgard.com shadow at shadowgard.com
Sun Jun 24 00:27:35 EDT 2012

On 24 Jun 2012 at 2:44, WinstonP wrote:

> UPDATE!!!!
> it was nasty (buggered) but I finally managed to move two windows descriptors downloaded off the internet into NitrOS9.
> 1. download the OS9 file in question
> 2. in a CMD window I did a "copy con test.dsk" and a ctrl-Z to create
>    the initial file

Why not just go to the directory in Windows explorer or the like and 
right click. Select "New", then select "new text document"

Rename it after it is created.

> 3. use OS9 (not NitrOS9) to format that test.dsk
> 4. reboot VCC back to DECB and run a program called "os9rsdos.cuts"
>    which I had to first use "cuts.bas" to convert.
> 5. run "os9rsdos.bas" from a WIDTH 32 screen to convert the file
>    downloaded in step 1.
> 6. now boot to NitrOS9 and copy the file to where ever you need them.
>    (in my case I created a directory in /DD called MODULES)
> I said it was nasty.

Leonard Erickson (aka shadow)
shadow at shadowgard dot com

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