[Coco] [Color Computer] copying files on VCC

WinstonP cantatora at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 23 22:44:45 EDT 2012


it was nasty (buggered) but I finally managed to move two windows descriptors downloaded off the internet into NitrOS9.

1. download the OS9 file in question
2. in a CMD window I did a "copy con test.dsk" and a ctrl-Z to create
   the initial file
3. use OS9 (not NitrOS9) to format that test.dsk
4. reboot VCC back to DECB and run a program called "os9rsdos.cuts"
   which I had to first use "cuts.bas" to convert.
5. run "os9rsdos.bas" from a WIDTH 32 screen to convert the file
   downloaded in step 1.
6. now boot to NitrOS9 and copy the file to where ever you need them.
   (in my case I created a directory in /DD called MODULES)

I said it was nasty.


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