[Coco] OT: Heat / A/C controller replacement

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> Walk into Wal-Mart and pic up a cheap digital thermostat. ...


well I now have a digital thermostat but it was not cheap as it was 
installed by a repairman. (Only one he had in truck.)  Wireless one perhaps 
later, they look good to me.

The hack failing uncovered a more serious failure, the A/C would NOT turn 
off when the downstairs controller A/C temperature sensor opened up.

Repair man after hearing my foolish things and removing all my wires could 
not find the problem and said he would install a new controller downstairs.

I said put it upstairs and disconnect the downstairs one. Problem solved.

I have traced the problem back forty (1970) years to a lazy subcontractor.

I was not the first person to buy my unit, that person had to back out and 
when I walked in looking for an unit in phase two, I was offered the last 
one in phase one.

I required A/C which the first person did not want. The furnace needed to be 
raised up to put the A/C  under. Ceiling was removed and not replaced.

Subcontractor did not add more length to the wires from the downstairs 
controller and they were tight.

Forty years and at least one major earthquake plus the building settling 
stretched the wires to the point they were pulling on the furnace controller 
terminals and doing what I do not know, but removal of these wires solved 
the problem.

More cost of my electronics hobby? As I said before, $4K might be assigned 
to my hack.


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