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Patrick Wilson gotitdownpat at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 21 17:15:37 EDT 2012

Dennis, i do hope i did not accidently contribute to your bandwith budget a little while back.  to be honest, i was so excited to find all that usefull data i did kinda go a bit overboard.   Sorry.  

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At 09:35 AM 6/21/2012, you wrote:
> On Wed, Jun 20, 2012 at 12:29 PM,  <rvanscherpe at penwin.net> wrote:
> > I believe that the Rainbow directory is taking up the majority of this space.
> > Have you considered removing the "big" versions for now and just leaving
> > the smaller files with maybe a text file saying that larger ones are available
> > on DVD?
> Archive.org hosts a complete collection of Rainbow scans as well, so
> we can relieve some of the bandwidth issues by grabbing these from
> there instead. Thanks to  Derek for recently sharing the link:
> http://archive.org/details/rainbowmagazine.

I certainly appreciate all these positive suggestions.

One of the reasons my CoCo storage 'dump' has a bandwidth problem is that there are 80+GB of documents available in one place and folks don't have to search here & there. And I have the space for more. I'm interested in convenience for people interested in CoCo materials.

The solution I'm asking for is how to reduce demand for the entire archive AT ONCE. Since throttling or IP address connection limits would interfere with my (paying) clients' use of the rest of the FTP site, I'd be reluctant to do that.

So if folks on this list will go easy on the mass downloads, that will help. I've put in a robots.txt file which should block respectful search bots.

That just leaves the anonymous bandwidth suckers, such as an anonymous user in Uruguay who downloaded the entire 81GB on Tuesday, or "psergm at gmail.com" who did the same. Blocking their IPs after the fact is useless, and constantly monitoring usage would be more work for me.

I can, however, password-protect the site and make the username/password available as part of this list's info page. Or something else that will not create more work and keep the balance tipped below my monthly 500GB cap. Those are the kinds of suggestions that will balance keeping all the content and balancing the use.


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