[Coco] Drivewire?

Robert Gault robert.gault at att.net
Tue Jun 19 23:24:57 EDT 2012

Bill Pierce wrote:
> @Aaron Wolfe... When do you expect to release the new version of Drivewire?
> Speaking of Drivewire, I finally made a boot with the DW Midi driver (i normally use the hardware driver) and give it a shot. I've noticed several things.
> One... if I stop the player on the Coco in mid song, Drivewire isn't translating something right as the notes do not stop.
> The last playing notes just hang untill I reset DW or play the same song and let it finish. I've only tried this on my player for the new program I'm working on, but I'll try it in Ubox3, Ultimuse and Lyra. So it may be a problem in my player though it uses the same routines as Ubox3 & Umuse3.
> I'll let you know if it persists. I wasn't having this problem with the hardware midi device and a real midi cable running to my PC, driving a VST host.
> The other thing is that I can't seem to get the Roland Sound Canvas to come up consistantly. It plays sometimes and sometimes it doesn't. The Java Midi player plays fine. I know the Roland one is actually a windows feature but I think the problem is in DW's way of calling it. I may be wrong, I may just need to update the thing. When it does work, sometimes it stutters. I can then switch to the Java driver and it works fine, so it's not the incoming data that's stuttering.


I think I sent you a version of Lyra for RSDOS that will send MIDI through 
Drivewire4. It works reasonably well with a customized CT-460 translation table. 
Drivewire is configured to use Microsoft MIDI mapper.

The main point is that MIDI music stops immediately when I stop Lyra. So, 
nothing is wrong with Drivewire in this regard. Your player may not be sending 
the MIDI stop code.


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