[Coco] OT- Hard Drive cleaner software.

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Same here.  Being a Pinciple (Senior) Electrical Engineer and IT "geek, guru, & rocket scientist" I've always used and recommended dban. It is a stand alone linux self boot cd that needs an x86 cpu.  It is OS independent of any hard drive.   In a multiple drive system one does need to be sure they have selected the correct drive to nuke.


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On 6/18/2012 12:00 PM, Brian G wrote:
> I was checking for software to clean hard drives and want to know what > is a good one.
> Is shareware worth the use or is a paid software better.
> How fast do they run? Four hours to clean 40 megs I might use but not > if it takes 24 hours.
> Any suggestion?

Dban work great for me. http://www.dban.org/

It's free and is capable of a DoD spec wipe. And if all you have is 40 megs to clean, we're not talking hours.

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