[Coco] Color artifacting in VCC

Robert Gault robert.gault at att.net
Sun Jun 17 19:15:41 EDT 2012

Richard Adams wrote:
> My pleasure, Bill - although from a re-reading of Stephen's original post, I don't know if it will work on the hardware level/setup he describes. Does work when running VCC on my laptop, though.
> I must have played dozens, if not hundreds, of games of Lancer and The King with reversed colors, and although they are certainly still playable, it used to bug me a lot, too.
> I think almost all the Spectral Associates games come up initially in the wrong color set in VCC.
> Met the Keetons at the Ft Worth Rainbowfest way back when. Googling 'Todd Keeton (Keaton?)' a few years back brought up stories about a Todd Keeton who ran some kind of gambling machine scam, got caught, and committed suicide, IIRC. Hoping that wasn't the same Todd Keeton. Anyone know if that's the case?
> Best,
> Richard

What everyone in this thread seems to have forgotten is that VCC is a Coco3 
emulator. The Coco3 does NOT switch artifact colors at random on a RESET! That 
is the way the Coco1 and Coco2 worked.

The Coco3 owner's manual indicates:

"                                IMPORTANT NOTE

If your are using software that requires the alternate color set, select this 
color set by pressing down the F1 key during power up."

VCC follows this requirement.

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