[Coco] The definition of "frustration"

Tony Mori tonym at compusource.net
Fri Jun 15 01:46:35 EDT 2012

Boy am I in a foul mood...

Brought out my imaging machine, older Compaq Deskpro with ISA slots,
CompatiCard IV FDC, FDADAP for 8" drives, 2.1GbHDD, 256MB RAM, running
DOS 6.22

Try to boot it, won't boot, gives errors.
Plug the drive into an IDE<->USB converter, drive is blitzed; corrupt
beyond belief.

No problem, says I, I have a backup on a Seagate 1TB external - get
another HDD, install DOS 6.22 on it, mount it externally, copy 440MB of
disk images, utilities, ROMs, etc.. over, nothing runs.

Turns out, the Dang backup was corrupted.

OK - PLan B - got a full .ZIP file, also.

Guess what?

Corrupt also...

OK - Plan C... I ALSO made a disk image (Acronis - think
"ghost")...where is it...

Oh, dang, that's on the external that died.

So... basically 5-7Y of work down the drain, with 3 backups gone or
corrupt. 8" Altos images, working Kaypro 10 restore images that I spent
countless night fixing, upgraded Kaypro 2.2H reload set with TurboROM
drivers, Osborne 1a/1b/Executive images, countless CoCo OS-9 and DECB
images, custom Epson PX-8 Geneva ROMs and disks, M100 ROMs, Custom NEC
PC-8201a ROMs, Morrow images, Zorba images...

Frustration does not even BEGIN to describe 5-7Y of labor down the
toilet in a fiery blaze of bits.

Sorry - just had to vent.

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