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I don't see how anyone could blame you - you did due diligence.
He was a snake in disguise, and took quite a few people.


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Instead of doing what I should be doing, I spent half my day making some updates to the CoCoPedia site -- spurred on by the Disney chatter here. If you look at the site there was info as to what all happened, and I made some minor updates. In a nut shell I talked with Disney a few times, met with him once, then turned it all over to him. He put out at least one issue, the last one in the archive on the list site. our agreement was that he publish for at least one year. I'm pretty sure he put out at least one issue after the one on the site, but I don't have a copy of it. No one lost more than the $20 subscription price on the magazine, I don't know what he was charging for the 6309s he got. He and his wife seemed fine the couple times I met them (she was with him both times we met -- before turning over, then when I physically handed everything over), but I had heard there was a nasty divorce just a few months later. Can't confirm that though, just a rumor. I didn't really lo
 se anything, I kept copies of all I had and donated those to Glenside CoCo Club a year or two later. I'm just glad the CoCo community didn't blame me for his lack of action!

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That's what I was thinking - I don't think he ever edited a dang thing.
Only thing that scumbag edited was people's bank accounts, and yeah, Frank got the shortest of all the sticks!


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