[Coco] OT: Who wants an Alpha?

tonym tonym at compusource.net
Tue Jun 12 15:01:29 EDT 2012

Now, about 6 years ago, I also had literally a stack of DEC workstation, the MIPS flavor, including the rare DS5000 with the R4000.
All were running Ultrix, I think 4.1 or 4.2. Also had VAXstations, including (2) 60's and a 90A (if I remember the models right - it was THE
most desirable one. eBayed those many many moons ago - 2002 or so I'd guess?)

The previously mentioned AlphaServer 1000a's went to Jay Maynard, one of the guys from the Hercules IBM Mainframe Emulator team.
I think there were (2) working servers, plus a stack of about 10-12 spare hot-swap HDD's - 4.3GB I believe.


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On Tue, 12 Jun 2012, tonym wrote:

> I got off the DEC wagon years ago. I had a couple of AS1000e's, and up 
> until April, had a fully built-out AXPpci-based machine (166, 32MB, 
> OpenVMS VAX 7.2 w/DECwindows).

Yup.  I know the drill.  Too many machines, too little space and time. 
Ended up parting with about a half-dozen DEC machines last winter.


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