[Coco] OT: Who wants an Alpha?

tonym tonym at compusource.net
Tue Jun 12 14:57:00 EDT 2012


In April, I wanted my garage back, plus no time to play with everything, so I parted with:

(2) Kaypro II
(2) Kaypro 1
(3) Kaypro 16^2 (one was a semi-rare factory 512kb unit, and factory labelled as such)
(1) Kaypro 4
(2) Osborne 1's ( 1a and 1b)
(1) Corona portable
(3) Columbia VP portables
(1) Zorba
(1) Altos 680
(1) Altos 5-5A
(1) Altos ACS-8000
(1) Morrow MD3
(2) TS1000's, 16k ram pak, 32k RAMpak (Memotech) 5 tapes, books
(2) Color Computer 2's
(1) TI 99/4a
(1) Quadra 840
(1) Quadra 605
(3) SGI Indy
(1) SGI Challenge S
(1) Amstrad PPC
(1) Apple //c
(1) DEC Rainbow 100B, full manual and disk set, with mono monitor and kb
(1) DEC AXPpci full system (OpenVMS 7.x)
(1) Sun AXi mainboard+RAM+2 CPUs (Uni mainboard)
(1) CBM 8032
(1) C= 1541 FDD


Kept ALL the CoCo stuff, obviously, and (2) Kaypro 10's, (2) Kaypro 4's, an Osborne Exec and O1b,
and a couple of other misc systems, and parts galore, ie, spare Osborne boards, MFM drives, etc...

This was after already unloading a few machines, ie, a Morrow MD-3, another Zorba, more Osborne Execs, more Kaypros, SGI Indigo2 Extreme, Indigo Elan, etc...


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On Tue, 12 Jun 2012, tonym wrote:

> I got off the DEC wagon years ago. I had a couple of AS1000e's, and up 
> until April, had a fully built-out AXPpci-based machine (166, 32MB, 
> OpenVMS VAX 7.2 w/DECwindows).

Yup.  I know the drill.  Too many machines, too little space and time. 
Ended up parting with about a half-dozen DEC machines last winter.


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