[Coco] I am looking for CoCo-Stat disk

Tony tonym at compusource.net
Sun Jun 10 20:24:15 EDT 2012

On Sun, 2012-06-10 at 19:47 -0400, Luis Fernández wrote:
> I would like to finish organizing maltedmedia 
> But it would be better with some help I'll tell you what happened to me 
> Many times I did not know what he did not know what was falma, 
> truth for 30 years, only use some times the OS-9 and basic-09. 
> When I started organizing it and gave me the keys, I felt very happy 
> But the truth is that without help is difficult as organizing the RTSI forgives 
> I asked for help because it seemed to me that their website was very well organized, 
> but he said he did not have to be the same as for repeat 2 equal, 
> is now down or partially down, because server change and as I wrote, could not put it back together. 
> If some of you help me to organize and make a plan, 
> I am willing to organize it fast, I have all the tools and the best FTP. 
> I started on my utility CoCoDskUtil to see inside the files and virtual disks, 
> but I delayed, then the magazines, but I drift away to the quick scan I have, 
> then I drift away again to create an index of articles Hotcoco, 
> then started Physicians prepare virtual magazine programs, ... 
> Now I drift away to test all 500 games and did a FRONT-END (a single day yesterday) 
> Dragon is also what, and how to convert programs to Coco I learned to flex NitrOS9 and media formats, 
> No information orderly and cost me much to learn to organize, plus I'm not b
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 
> Making 
> CoCoDskUtilPack V 1.0.10.zip, Scan magazines and organize maltedmedia
> http://cococoding.com/cocodskutil/ Thank Aaron Wolfe
> My personal blog: http://www.luis45ccs.blogspot.com, 
> Excuse my English, I use google translator, my language is Spanish, I'm Spanish but I live in Venezuela
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Luis, please do not take offense, as I see you use google translator,
but I did not understand half of what you meant. If you want to email
back in Spanish, or if it annoys the group, email me directly in Spanish
(I am Cuban by nationality, but born in Miami,FL of course ) we can
probably communicate better :) We're getting into some drill-down
details that probably should not be lost in translation.

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