[Coco] And update on my Roger Taylor Drive Pak saga...

Boisy G. Pitre boisy at tee-boy.com
Sat Jun 9 08:12:44 EDT 2012

> Hi,
> What has this person lost? $50, $100, $250?
> Roger has invested, well the last time I saw a price for the software he purchased so as to produce better software for us was in the range of $2,000. That was ten or twenty years ago. Today it may be $10,000.

What an interesting business model... this is too easy, and I'm kicking myself for not seeing it until now.  And you sound like the perfect "first customer."

As it turns out, I have a brand spanking new, tested and working SuperIDE for sale... $90 + $10 S/H.  This thing is nice and shiny!  It's loaded with HDB-DOS and NitrOS-9, and ready to run on your CoCo.  It's S-U-H-W-H-E-E-E-T !!!

I'll sell it to you right now!  So go right ahead and send me $100 via PayPal.  Thank you ever so much!  I'll get it out to you early next week, ok?

But wait... I have another order that just came in, so I'll have to send it to THAT person.

A couple of weeks later, when your hot and super cool SuperIDE hasn't showed up in your mailbox, I expect you'll start emailing me, asking where your product is.  But I won't bother answering.  I'll just ignore your email, ad infinitum.

Wow, this is great.  If I could find a few more folks like you, I could make some real money!

> Hounding someone like this person has done and is doing is illegal in real life. Sometime our laws will be enforced for online activity. It cannot come too soon.

I agree.  So after months and months of not receiving anything, be sure to leave me alone and drop the matter, ok?  After all, it's just $100.

> For again, how much money compared to what Roger has invested for us?

Couldn't have said it better myself.  I'm banking on my reputation with the CoCo community to get me through this unscathed.

> Stephen H. Fischer

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