[Coco] OT: Heat / A/C controller replacement

Jim Hickle jlhickle at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 8 08:03:04 EDT 2012

Now that I am older, I would probably just put a thermostat on each floor and walk between them and switch manually.  I think I understand why you wired it the way you did.  I once had a '72 Cutlass with AM radio, FM converter, 8-track player, cassette player and CB.  All of it was wired with relays to switch the speakers to the active device. And some had to be turned on in a particular order.  My dad couldn't understand why I wouldn't just turn things on and off myself.  Now << I >> don't understand why folks can't just walk across the room to change the TV channel.  Knobs, darn it! I want things to have knobs again.

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If I was talking about the heat / AC control that was installed downstairs ~ 1970, then a simple replacement like you suggest would work.

BUT the problem is, how do you connect TWO of these with 5-6 wires at the SAME time.

If there is an understandable diagram online then I might be able to figure out what I did, looking at the wires connected to the heat / A/C it is puzzling to me right now what I did.

I just have two wires that when shorted turn the heat or A/C on. The downstairs controller sets the mode and will turn the heat / A/C off it it's setting is exceeded.



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