[Coco] Serial to usb printers

Marc Charbonneau timebandit001 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 6 16:19:55 EDT 2012

> However, in my case as my coco is setup in my "finished" basement, the
> cable length is probably too long (25 feet or more) due to the puny drivers
> in the coco, so my "drivewire" cable is only 2 feet long and feeds a seriel
> to usb adapter, which in turn is plugged into one port of a 7 port usb-2.0
> hub, which in turn is fed from a 30 foot USB2.0 cable (not an FTDI, but an
> Msomething Terminus Technology, they have figured out how to make
> loooooong, as in 10 meters long usb cables work) which comes up here and is
> plugged into one of the 6 USB-2.0 ports on this ASUS motherboard.
> Drivewire is then configured to use /dev/ttyUSB0 and it all Just Works(TM)

For long USB cables, I found that these active cables works pretty well

10 meters (33ft) :
15 meters (49ft) :

We used them in some deployment las year for touchscreens, and no
problem so far.

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