[Coco] OT:The Apple II source code for Prince Of Persia- found after 22 years

Juan Castro jccyc1965 at gmail.com
Tue Jun 5 12:23:45 EDT 2012

The fun starts with the slightly smaller screen resolution of the CoCo.
Em 05/06/2012 12:48, <jdaggett at gate.net> escreveu:

> On 5 Jun 2012 at 23:55, Mark McDougall wrote:
> > My gut feeling is that, given the architectural differences between the
> > Apple II and the Coco, such as graphics, memory map, sound etc, the way
> to
> > go would be to write a Coco port from scratch using the source as a
> guide.
> Mark
> That would be my thinking also. As I said it would be a daunting task.
> Like the original writer stated he passed this code on so that the company
> could use it as a
> frame work to port the game to other systems. It would be a arduish task
> for one person to
> port over to the COCO. It would have to be done by several and a basic
> rewrite almost from
> the ground up as you suggest.
> james
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