[Coco] VCC and Mac

Dean Leiber adit at nationsdial.com
Mon Jun 4 17:34:06 EDT 2012

On Jun 4, 2012, at 1:45 PM, Paulo Lindoso [gmail] wrote:

> Dean,
> I am using Mess 0.132 (Jul 19 2009).  From what I read over the lists,  it seems the most "workable'  version.


I'll have to find a copy of that version and see if it'll run here. I tried the versions on macmess.org (as well as the front end) and I
couldn't get anything to work. I'm running Lion so perhaps that is the problem. 

> Config was truly a mess…

No kidding. I had to force it to create mess.ini and then I had to force it to verify the ROMS before I could get anything to work. (after rummaging through all the docs) All in all,
not user friendly, but its free. I'm playing with a frontend I found to see if that eases the pain somewhat.
> I've downloaded SDLMESS, place it on my Applications folder and reconfigured my mess.ini to point to dirs in my home folder, where I placed ROMs and Software.
> Problems I still have:
> 1) My Macbook pad is not a viable option to replace Joysticks and I can't get to use keys as an option.  Given up trying at the moment... No Zaxxon for me... 
> 2) Mapping special keys is still somewhat messy as well.  Standard TAB to access the menu mixes up with CoCo TAB, it doesn't like Fn+FunctionKeys…

Yes I'm having that problem big time as well. I got 'stuck' in the emulator <LOL> and had to reboot my mac to get out. Not good.
> All in all, it is not a good experience, so I seldom use it, preferring to play with my original CoCo3, which at least reads DSK files with my SuperIDE, but still polishing out some glitches there as well... ;)

I don't have room to set the ol' gal up at the moment, so that's why all the playing with the emulators.
> VCC installed very easily over WineBottler (no extra confs... standard Wine App).  Loading DSK files as floppies was OK as well.  I will soon try to play and write stuff to see how it goes.
> So far, better experience with VCC than MESS…
That has been my experience so far. VCC was easier to set up and get running via Crossover (yeah its not free, but I'm lazy sometimes) than playing with a native version of MESS. As someone pointed out.. an emulator in an emulator. It probably runs about true CoCo speed that way! :-D


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