[Coco] Oscillator Circuits needed for EF68B09P 2MHZ versions I recently received

Computer Doc computerdoc at sc.rr.com
Sat Jun 2 23:51:38 EDT 2012

Hi All,


I recently ordered a couple of EF68B09P chips thinking their pinouts were
the same as Motorola's MC68B09P chips.  I just downloaded the datasheet for
it and they are very different, almost like their version of the 2MHZ 6809
used some of the original 6800 clock circuit specifications. Look at the pin
labels.  They remind me of the 6800's pin labels.  What do you think? The
following link is the one I used to get the datasheet:




As you can see on page 13 (as Adobe reader counts it) and page 1-162 (as it
is printed in the PDF file, the clock circuit is quite complicated.  Does
anyone have a much simpler clock circuit using a 2 lead 8MHZ crystal or 4
pin 8MHZ Oscillator (metal case)?  Thanks guys in advance for your input.
You all are always forthcoming with information.  I appreciate it.






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