[Coco] SuperIDE on my 6809 computer

Kip Koon computerdoc at sc.rr.com
Tue Jul 31 21:00:22 EDT 2012

Hi All,


I wonder what would be involved to interface the SuperIDE directly to my
little 6809 computer until I get some type of Coco bus up and running on my
little 6809 computer.  Having Compact Flash would be nice.  I'd like to turn
this little creation into a compact flash (or similar) based NitrOS-9
running little beast!  I've been thinking of programming an EPROM with an
OS9 boot program in one of the emulators I have, and connecting up somehow a
Disto disk controller I have and see if I can boot off one of my old OS9
disks.  Hummm, I wonder.  Nope.  It uses the graphics system in the Cocos.
I'd have to modify NitrOS-9 to use my 6850 serial port instead of the
bit-banger.  I'd have to modify the OS9 Boot routine as well.  I want to
boot with NitrOS-9 communicating the my 6850 based serial port.  Do all the
RS-232 drivers in NitrOS-9 use the 16550 UART or is there one that uses a
6850?  It's all doable, it will just take a while.  Would anyone like to get
involved in this project with me?  Thanks in advance guys.  I know OS-9 has
been booted on SWTPC systems, I'll have to check on that.  Do they have
NitrOS-9 running on SWTPC 6809?




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